May 26, 2013

Excel Courses in Prague

Nowadays, excel is one of the core skills at any job that involves using computer.
Regardless of the business that you work in, as long as your job involves using computer, you have to deal with excel to a small or large extent.

Even though excel may seem complex, it’s not.
Mastering Excel with us is simple and entertaining, and it pays off. Regardless of your job type, excel competence will greatly increase your performance and efficiency at work. Especially if you work in financial area.

Within our Excel courses we not only learn excel, but also learn how to apply it on practical examples and exercises. Besides that you’ll learn how to handle the generic errors that may occur.

We can provide excel courses in Prague starting from very beginner’s level up to complex financial modeling level

Office employees spend up to 80% of their effective working time to work with excel. I can guarantee, that after our courses you will save at least 40% of that time by improving the way you manipulate excel. That’s hours and hours of free time that you could dedicate to your career.
Which job roles see training benefits?
Although MS Excel can be beneficial for just about any professional who uses numbers in any way, it is an imperative skill for some job roles and many employers will require these skills before considering a candidate for hire. The following job titles are examples of roles within an organization that may require proficiency or even advanced use of MS Excel:

  • Business Intelligence or Data Analyst – these professionals summarize and analyze organizational data.
  • Financial Analyst – this role looks for performance trends in financial markets.
  • Marketing Analyst – this role analyzes past and future success rates for particular marketing campaigns.

We are offering 3 levels on excel courses. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each of the levels involves the most useful features of excel. Even the beginner’s course includes tricks of advanced application of basic features. Beginner excel course focuses on basic excel trick, intermediate level focuses on tables and big data analysis, the advanced level is for structured reporting using advanced data validation, excel modeling and complex dashboards as well as use of graphical controls. Clicking on the below links will route you to detailed description of each level.

Beginner Excel course

Beginner Excel course

The beginner excel course is focused on individuals who are starting to use excel. This course starts from the very basic features of excel, however it...
Intermediate Excel course

Intermediate Excel course

The intermediate course is for the confident excel users who are comfortable using basic formulas and pivot tables. The main focus of intermediate Excel ...
Advanced Excel course

Advanced Excel course

The advanced Excel course is focusing on creating complicated dashboards. These include graphical parts, clear structure, advanced data validation drop...
Our Excel training is full of examples demonstrating all our Excel tips and techniques. None of our tips and tricks are trivial. For example, they don’t include such tips as keystroke short cuts. They are all intended for advanced Excel users. With these powerful, sophisticated, and esoteric tips and tricks, you can boost your office productivity significantly. Find out what you have been missing out on over many years of using Excel.



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