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Multi-user Application Development

Development of web-based applications like Time&Attendance Management, Project Management, etc… that allow real-time collection of inputs and approvals from multiple users simultaneously.

Repetitive tasks automation

Daily/weekly copy/pasting; lots of reconciliation in excel; report creations and emailing; simple analysis that takes hours and days – we can automate all these. All can be done in matter of seconds with one click with 100% accuracy.

website design and development

Would you like to have a website for your business? We can build it for you using modern design standards and techniques. We’ll setup the SEO so that your clients easily find it. We also develop web based applications like HR management, ticketing system, online ERP or CRM solutions.

Go to Excel, VBA and SQL trainings

Excel, VBA and SQL trainings

We provide highly interactive, clear and very useful Excel and VBA programming courses. Over the last few years we’ve had more than 400 happy customers who dramatically improved their performance. Each student receives a digital certificate for LinkedIn.

With years of experience in Finance, HR and Programming, we believe that all routine processes have to be automated. It saves money, it increases accuracy and it increases Employee engagement.

What we do

We reduce massive workload to few clicks!

We use VBA, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, XML to fully automate Finance and HR processes. Everything happens in a matter of clicks.

Having relevant operational experience we also help to design the optimal operational approach and resource allocation.

We develop multi-user applications that are easy to use and easy to understand.

We also offer high quality Excel and VBA trainings. Over 500 happy customers who greatly improved their performance.

  • Optimal sequence of activities and resource allocation

  • Web development & Web based Applications development

  • Advanced VBA development in Front-End; SQL server data in Back-End

  • Interactive Excel and VBA Trainings that people understand

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