Benefity points accepted


We accept benefity points! Excel courses are educational courses, thus the usage of benefity points is favorable to employees.

For example 1000 CZK = 1000 Benefity points 

There are 2 types of benefity points. Benefity points valid only for education purposes and points valid for everything else (including education). When paying our training the educational ones will be used. The “universal” points will be used proportionally only in case of insufficient educational benefity points.



Payments with benefity points are very simple. There are even 2 possible options to do it:

  1. After booking your course, login to your account on (click to open). Find LuckyGiga in the list of suppliers. Fill in the payment form on our benefity page and submit. Don’t forget to choose the correct amount. (1:1)
    That’s it. Your payment has been completed and your booking is secured.
    This is a preferred payment method.
  2. You can also contact us directly and we will complete the points transfer for you. You will need to present your benefity-card and a valid ID. You will also be asked for 2 digits from your pin code.
    Please do NOT share your entire pin code with anyone.
If you haven’t decided about the course yet, you can still deposit the payment with us to secure your future bookings. If you deposit a payment with us, it will never expire and you can use it anytime. The benefity points expire within 2 years.