Insert the current date in Excel – Keyboard Shortcut

There are so many useful keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel. Most of us have heard of ‘Ctrl‘ ‘Z‘ for undo. Perhaps ‘Ctrl‘ ‘C‘ for copy, or ‘Ctrl‘ ‘V‘ for paste. But one of the most useful ones I personally use is ‘Ctrl‘ ‘;‘ to enter the current date. Why type ‘01/15/2015‘ when you can hit two keys? And unlike =Now() or =Today(), the ‘Ctrl‘ ‘;‘ will paste a value which will not change.

Not complicated, but definitely useful. Once you learn this shortcut you will never type the current date again.

This shortcut works both in cell select mode to enter the date into the cell, as well as in typing mode within the cell.

The date will be entered in the format that is default on your computer. You can change it Control Pangel>Region Language>Advanced.

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