May 2, 2015

Beginner Excel course

beginner excel courseThe beginner excel course is focused on individuals who are starting to use excel. This course starts from the very basic features of excel, however it includes examples of advanced usage of the basic features.

This course is valid for following versions:
Excel 2007; Excel 2010; Excel 2013; Excel 365
The following features are included in the course:
  • Opening excel. Saving. Saving As. Saving and using different excel formats and their benefits (xlsx; xlsb; csv; txt; avoiding xls).
  • Navigating through menus in the ribbon. Customization of quick access toolbar (QAT).
  • Copy&Pasting including advanced “Paste special” techniques.
  • Basic and advanced printing tricks. Format the margins. Fit columns/rows.
  • Sorting & Filtering the data. Quick navigation through large sets of data.
  • Creating of pivot tables
  • Relative & Fixed references. References between sheets
  • Cell visual formats and data formats.
  • Advanced manipulations of time and date values.
  • Find & Replace including advanced techniques.
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts
  • Basic excel formulas. Understanding syntax and arguments of formulas.

The following formulas are learned and practiced during the beginner’s course:

  • Date&Time formulas: NOW, TODAY, DATE, YEAR, MONTH, DATE.
  • Text manipulation: LEN, PROPER, MID, LEFT, RIGHT.
  • Calculations: SUM. AVERAGE, MAX, MIN.
  • Logical formulas: IF, IFERROR.
  • Reference formulas: VLOOKUP.

The expected duration of the beginner excel course is 12 hours. Presentation part is 8 hours (split into 4 sessions 2 hours each) and practical homework part that will take in total approximately 4 hours to be completed.

Participants will receive a digital certificate via email that can be added to LinkedIn.


You can apply to this course directly on the website through events interface or by contacting us at



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