May 3, 2015

Intermediate Excel course

intermediate excel courseThe intermediate course is for the confident excel users who are comfortable using basic formulas and pivot tables. The main focus of intermediate Excel course is the quality analysis and manipulation of big data. It includes advanced lookup formulas and tricks to efficiently use excel tables. 

This course is valid for following versions:
Excel 2007; Excel 2010; Excel 2013; Excel 365
The following features are included in the course:
  • Efficient use of excel’s dynamic tables. Setting up the totals, ranges and design.
  • Name manager. Advanced use including referencing dynamic table ranges.
  • Advanced formulas referencing named ranges and tables.
  • Complex pivot tables. Adding custom fields to pivot tables and designing efficient appearance.
  • Building pivot tables on dynamic ranges.
  • Working with external references, connections and data links.
  • Advanced conditional formatting
  • Data Validation including dynamic data validation
  • Protecting the workbooks, worksheets, locking/unlocking cells.
  • Data comparison and reconciliation
  • Using nested formulas and working with formula errors (getting rid of #N/A, #Value, #Ref, etc.
  • Advanced processing and working with data stored in TXT & CSV files.
  • Efficient lookup combinations of MATCH + INDEX and MATCH + OFFSET

The following formulas are learned and practiced during the intermediate excel course:

  • Text and formatting formulas: TEXT, REPT, UPPER, LOWER combined with previously learned LEN, PROPER, MID, LEFT, RIGHT.
  • Logical formulas: IF, IFERROR, ISNA, ISERROR, AND, OR.
  • Reference formulas: MATCH, INDEX, OFFSET, nested VLOOKUP.

The expected duration of the intermediate excel course is 14-17 hours. Presentation part is 8-10 hours (split into several sessions 2 hours each) and practical homework part that will take in total approximately 7 hours to be completed.

Participants will receive a digital certificate via email that can be added to LinkedIn.

You can apply to this course directly on the website through events interface or by contacting us at



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