We use modern technologies to build interactive web-applications that are simple to use, yet can do very sophisticated data handling in the backend. Our applications can fully integrate with your existing tools - SAP, Salesforce, Outlook, Databases, API.

Our progressive applications have responsive interface and support all platforms including partial offline support. The interface is clean and easy to use. Excel & CSV uploads are supported for mass-data changes.

We have extensive experience in HR, Finance and six-sigma techniques. Thus, we can understand the requirements of your business and elaborate solutions that will exceed your, your customers, your colleagues expectations.

Before you make a financial commitment we will build a prototype for free. You will be able to try the look and feel of your future application in advance.

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Human Resources applications

Finance and Reporting automations

E-commerce, Web-design and SEO services

Free Prototype of your future applications

How we work:

  1. Project story. You briefly describe your project, current situation and desired future outcomes.
  2. Free prototype. We develop a prototype of your future application. You will be able to access it and test the limited functionality.
  3. Agile development. We agree the milestones and develop the application. During development you'll be able to test the application and make suggestions on changes and improvements.
  4. Go-live Application is launched and you use it happily. You are welcome to request extra-features and optmizations. Most of our customers are creative and ask for extra-features or new projects

Our applications adapt to your business and not the other way around!

There are many applications out there. Only few can fully meet your business needs. Most will lack some critical features that you need, at the same time, they'll sell you a bloat of features that you don't need.

Our application will fully meet your requirements. Every wish is technically possible. That's why we have such great customers: Honeywell, IKEA, Guerbet, TPVision, Erawadee


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